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It’s the event almost every girl dreams about, and nowadays lots of boys too!  Your Wedding or Civil Partnership - or your child's is an occasion that will be remembered for the rest of your lives. Naturally you want everything to run smoothly. You want nothing to get in the way and spoil the happy occasion. Weddings are not cheap and the investment is not only financial. Often the planning stages will have taken months. With cars, flowers, Bridemaids,the reception, and the honeymoon all having been worked out meticulously. Have you considered that you may need security? Weddings and Civil Partnerships can be very stressful. Often the worry that something might go wrong is too much to think about. For this reason and several others it may be a good idea to consider security. This is why although you might not think it, security is an aspect of your wedding that you can’t afford to overlook. Anderson's Security Consultants can offer a wedding security service which seamlessly provides high levels of protection coupled  with total discretion. There is no question of having a burly guide standing there growling at the guests! Our highly qualified security officers will be hand picked for their courteous and friendly nature. Not that that means they are not capable of dealing with any problems that may arise - of course they are. We are there to  ensure that your venue is secure and remains that way throughout the entire day. We are also there should you need us, to carry out other duties to make the day even more special and memorable.  We can look after your guests’ belongings and those extra special wedding gifts too.

Front of house security
Static & Mobile security
Emergency planning procedure
Emergency service liaisons
Evacuation mapping and method
CCTV surveillance


Celebrity and high profile weddings have an additional element that has to be considered and prepared for. The press and Papperazzi as well as fans usually turn up. If the couple have made prior arrangements to exclusively cover their wedding the last thing they need is to have some unauthorised snooper hanging from a tree, taking pictures and selling them on. Often at these occasions there will be other high profile and VIP guests who may require additional security. We are able to fully facilitate all of this.  So, if you’re planning the wedding of the century or perhaps, you have decided to have a much smaller intimate occasion, you should have what you desire. For our part we will ensure that our hand picked security staff are there in a smart uniform and they arrive well groomed. We are proud of our guards and we would like you to be too. We would be with you every step of the way. Quietly observing as you take your vows.

Our wedding security can consist of:
Traffic Marshalling - Escorting VIP, Celebrity Guests - Security Protection - Bag Searches - Door Supervision - Transfers


Registered Office
Oxford Road

24 Hours
Our offices are open Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm. For out of hours emergencies we can be contacted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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