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If you want to run a successful business or event then you need a secure and safe environment. Whether you’re located in a busy, urban area and exposed to more potential crime or are in a more remote area and seen as an easy target, the threat of a break-in, vandalism, theft and danger to your personnel is never far from your thoughts. At Anderson's Security Consultants we know you can overcome these fears by being aware, alert and prepared at all times.  Which is why Anderson's Security Consultants are your first choice. We offer unrivalled static security guards.

Guarding your site or property with a static security solution, whether you require static security guards for corporate premises to provide a professional and safe image, or should you need Gatehouse security to control the access points to building sites, our static security officers are trained to the highest standards.  Their unique skill sets can be modified to suit the type of operation. With many years of experience in the industry our client satisfaction has ensured us one of the best security reputations in the UK.

Should you choose Anderson's Security Consultants as your provider you will feel relaxed that our static security guards are efficient and courteous. You will feel secure knowing that you have not only got that a deterrent, but an company that has exceptional customer service skills. Our guards are not only capable of handling a situation, but preventing it from happening. They will act fast! Responding  to any given situation.  Your mind can rest, knowing that your establishment, staff, colleagues and guests feel comfortable in. If you’re looking for static security services then you need look no further than Anderson's Security Consultants. Taking risks is out of the question for us. You need someone you can trust.


  • All Our Guards are SIA and licenced and go through a thorough vetting procedure.
  • Our Security Officers will control and monitor the movement of all vehicles, personnel and non-personnel to and from your site.
  • They will  apply their training to ensure that all property and people are protected.
  • They will normally operate from a gatehouse and often in conjunction with mobile patrols.
  • They will be smartly dressed in uniform and immediately identifiable as somebody in authority.
  • If required, our officers can carry out random searches of vehicles and personnel as a deterrent against theft. Such searches will always be carried out in a courteous and efficient manner.
  • The officers will maintain log books in order to monitor site activities.
  • Registers will be kept for keys, lost property and any searches carried out.
  • Out of office hours, our security officers will answer all telephone calls and respond accordingly.


Registered Office
Oxford Road

24 Hours
Our offices are open Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm. For out of hours emergencies we can be contacted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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