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Retail Security


We know that the primary objective of owning your own business is to maximize your profits. Having a retail security system in place can help you keep your profits from walking out the door unnoticed. A recent survey for the Nation Retail Security Survey found that small businesses often experience higher annual shrinkage than larger companies. This can be explained in part because smaller businesses are not equipped with retail security systems. However, there is plenty you can do to reduce and/or prevent retail loss.Larger companies with high end stock are aware of the potential losses. They often have a system in place, but are all options covered? Our trained guards are courteous to your customers and staff. But it's not only stock that needs to be guarded - Staff in stores can often handle cash in large amounts. Having a competent guard nearby who is constantly monitoring and assessing the area is a major deterrent to would be thieves and a great reassurance to staff and customers alike.


  • Make it Difficult for Retail Theft to Happen:
  • Instruct our employees to greet or acknowledge every customer who enters their environment.
  • Provide customer service to as many customers as possible.
  • Instruct retail staff to make regular eye contact with customers who wish to browse on their own.
  • Assign zones for staff coverage so that retail staff don’t leave vulnerable areas unattended.
  • Discreetly note which item(s) customers taken into fitting rooms. This ensures that the customer is aware of what is expected to be either returned or purchased.
  • Always maintain compliance when placing security tags on merchandise.
  • Install added security measures in “blind spots” around the store - including security mirrors,bright lighting,cameras and anti-shoplifting signs.
  • Be aware of items are placed on lower displays  and items around the cash register that block the cashier’s view of the selling floor.
  • If your store is large in size, improve retail security by making frequent "dummy" announcements over the public address system, such as “Security to zone three,” - Even if thestore doesn’t have active security personnel or even a 'zone three'
  • Issue a criminal trespass warning to all known shoplifters who you want to be prohibited from entering your store again.
  • Let shoplifters know that your store prosecutes all offenders.


  • Supervise the shop foor
  • Be on the sales floor most of the day.
  • Continually observe


  • Mismarked merchandise.
  • Incorrect price signs.
  • Unattended price gun.
  • Open showcases.
  • Unlocked security fixtures.
  • Empty packages.
  • Inoperative security equipment.


  • Known shoplifters.
  • Suspicious customers.
  • Merchandise concealed for later pickup.
  • Open showcases.
  • Loose bags or gift boxes accessible to customers.
  • Empty packages.
  • Merchandise without security tags.
  • Follow loss prevention tips to improve security


  • Prohibit vendors from going into back areas unsupervised.
  • Keep security staff areas neat and clean
  • Observe and report employee theft

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