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Anderson's Security Consultants should be your first choice when you are looking into security for a party. People often overlook security for a private
party.A 21st birthday can have all sortd of issues.  You may think you know exactly how your guests will behave but when it comes to people with alcohol security stereotypes go out of the window and  we prepare ourselves for every eventuality.
We know that you have invested not only a lot of money into your party. We also understand that you want your party to be the best that it can be, and to ensure that everyone who attends has a great time. Bearing this in mind we offer an unbeatable private party security service to ensure your party goes with a swing. Our extensive range of skills and expertise and our trained and qualified security guards offer the following services


Front of house security
Static security
Mobile security patrols
Crowd control
Emergency planning procedure
Emergency service liaisons
Evacuation mapping and method
CCTV surveillance
We ensure you have your every need covered. Services can be altered to suit your exact needs and even integrate our party security with the local police. Informing the authorities of your event in advance and notifying them in the event of an emergency we’ll ensure minimum disruption is caused to your party and give you one less thing to worry about.

If you are a club or bar owner you need to look no further than Anderson's Security Consultants. Our fully trained and SIA registered guards know how to work on the door. They have a friendly disposition and welcome patrons in a professional manner. At the same time they will be assessing the venue and guests making sure that they are enjoying themselves whilst staying within the rules of the law and of the house. They are confident enough and able enough to prevent undesireable people entering in the first place. They will remove anyone who is found to be drunk, engaging in abusive, or criminal activity with the minimum of fuss and disruption. Leaving you free to carry on with the smooth running of your venue.

Enjoying your party should be top of your list which is why we make everyone's safety our priority so you don’t have to worry. We know that you’ll want to keep your private party exactly that - Private.  We will take care of any disturbances and ensure that no unwanted guests gain access to your venue. We are constantly surveying your party for signs of suspicious behaviour. Our  party security officers will tackle any situation before it ever becomes a problem. If you want to ensure your party’s the event you planned it’s time you chose Anderson's Security Consutants.


Registered Office
Oxford Road

24 Hours
Our offices are open Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm. For out of hours emergencies we can be contacted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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