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The UK has seen a huge increase in the number of festivals that it hosts each year. Music festivals like Glastonbury and the V Fest are big business. The Edinburgh Fringe festival is World renowned. Whatever the festival security is a priority which is imperative.
We have a proven track record of delivering high quality security. We are one of the UK’s most trusted companies when it comes to keeping any event under control. Our expertise in venue and event security matches the time and money you’ve spent making sure your festival is the success it deserves to be.  We know you are hopeful about attracting as many festival goers as you can.  We are also aware that you want everyone who attends your event to have a fantastic time, it is vital that your festival has a more than adequate number of security officers. They should have the skills and training that our company is unmatched in,  We know how easy it is for a festival to errupt into chaos. Reputations can be destroyed with a single incident. If your event is to be a regular event then you simply have to cover all eventualites.


Front of house security
Static security
Mobile security patrols
Crowd control
Emergency planning procedure and evacuation mapping
Emergency service liaisons
CCTV surveillance

With all things considered you would be wise to choose Anderson's Security Consultants. Our team of dedicated, fully trained and qualified festival security guards will efficiently and professionally handle any situations before they get out of hand. We Offer everything including traffic management, front stage pit crews, campsite security and crowd management, here Anderson's will put your every worry you may have to rest. /we will listen to your priorities and ensure that security solutions will meet your needs. We will ensure that your festival runs as smoothly as possible. It is also important that all of your guests feel safe, something we always ensure.

Your music festival security staff never stand in the way of making your festival a success. With Anderson's it can only be enhanced.


Registered Office
Oxford Road

24 Hours
Our offices are open Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm. For out of hours emergencies we can be contacted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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